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主 讲 人:杨富文 教授

地  点:电气工程与自动化学院二楼多功能厅

主 办 方:电气工程与自动化学院

开始时间:2015-09-28 15:00

结束时间:2015-09-28 16:00

杨富文教授 简介

Professor Yang is currently with Griffith School of Engineering at Griffith University. Before joining Griffith University, He was a Visiting Professor with the University of Manchester, UK, and the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. He was a Research Fellow with Brunel University, UK, and King’s College London, UK, a Professor with Fuzhou University, China, and the East China Universityof Science and Technology, China, and an Associate Professor at Central Queensland University, Australia.
      His current research interests include Networked Control Systems, Distributed Filtering and Sensing, Reliable Fault Detection and Diagnosis, Coordinated Control for Distributed Solar Power Generation Systems, and Solar PV Grid-Connected Inverter Control and Islanding Detection. Fuwen Yang has published more than 200 fully-refereed high quality journal articles and conference papers. Among these articles twenty-four (24) articles are published in the most prestigious IEEE journals. According to the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Essential Science Indicators, 8 papers have been listed as Highly Cited Papers in the field of “Engineering”, and 2 papers are among the top 0.1% (one-tenth of one percent) of all papers in 2006 for citations in the field of “Engineering”. His publications have been cited 2008 times with h-index of 21 according to ISI Web of Science.
      Fuwen Yang has been serving as an Associate Editor of the Conference Editorial Board (CEB) of IEEE Control Systems Society and Editorial Board Members of four International Journals: Open Automation and Control Systems Journal (2006- present), Open Signal Processing Journal (2007-present), International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications (2008-present), Journal of Control Engineering and Technology (2011- present). He has acted as Program and Technical Committee Members for a number of international conferences. He was elected as an appreciated reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing in 2006. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.

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